How to Choose the Right Hijab Color for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose the Right Hijab Color for Your Skin Tone

There are so many diverse skin color tones among human beings. So, one should choose the hijab as per the skin's complexion. A hijab that matches your skin tone makes you feel comfortable and confident which ultimately makes you look more beautiful. Hence, presents you with a huge variety of colors that can perfectly complement your skin tone. Let us check out some basic Hijab ideas for all kinds of skin tones:

Hijab for Light Skin Complexion

It is a big conception that any color whatsoever suits the lighter complexion skin. Nevertheless, pastel shades are the perfect match for bright skin complexion. This combination makes lighter skin look fairer and makes it look extraordinary.

Most suitable colors: Vermillion, Olive, Indigo, Purple, Cobalt and some light pastel colors.

Hijab for Not-so-Dark and Not-so-Light Skin Complexion

The medium skin tone people look highly attractive compared to others. The following colors look the best on this skin tone gives it an amazing look.

Most suitable colors: Beige, Taupe, Light Brown, Emerald Green, Green, Teal, Blush Pink, and Red.

However, medium skin toned people should strictly avoid pastel shades.

Hijab for Dark Skin Tone

It may be surprising to hear this but its a fact that dark-skinned people have an array of colors to experiment with.
Yet, strictly avoid stark white shades. Instead, go for ivorish tones.  

Most suitable colors: Pastel Shades, Chocolate Brown