Welcome to Ruqsar - a stylish destination for Modest Fashion.

We at Ruqsar believe fashion is a lifestyle. Embraced and indulged in, to tell your story. We strive to create a world for modest women to look good, feel good, and realize their potential while making Ruqsar a part of their life.

Ruqsar was conceptualized in 2017 with the objective to meet modest women's aspiration to dress fashionably. Women and girls alike, spread across a diverse spectrum of society, needed access to a platform offering comfortable yet stylish clothing. Be it a doctor, a teacher, a business women or even the girl next door, Ruqsar provides unlimited options to fit the lifestyle and times they live in.Trying to create a voice through fashion, Ruqsar was born.

It is the undying spirit of these women that inspires the brand.

Ruqsar presents stylish primary garments, over garments, head scarfs and accessories. These products were created by understanding the ambition and needs of an everyday modest woman. Health and fitness is vital and on the agenda at Ruqsar. Watch this space for a complete active wear range!

Sourced from a multitude of mills, our fabrics are one of a kind. At Ruqsar we have diversity and high quality fabrics from all over India. Utilizing the specialty of each fabric we incorporate it into the perfect design. Taking utmost care to sculpt an exquisite design and execute it perfectly. We pride ourselves of our dedication to manufacture the best of best.

Ruqsar endeavors to get the best quality of garments, finished to perfection for its committed customers. We strive to offer the latest trends in unique designs and fabrics, that will take you to a world of comfort and style. All this at unbelievable prices!

Based in Hyderabad, Ruqsar is spread all across India and will soon reach out to modest women across the globe! We're passionate about modest fashion and our goal is to help all women have a better choice.Come join us and be a part of our journey. Discover your vibe and lets show the world together!Live the Ruqsar Life!